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By now he had gotten the hang of it and could follow her. Linda pressed on the button desperately and the elevator opened right away. She scrambled inside, pressed on the button for the first floor and huddled into the corner of the elevator car. Felix glided over to her with no problem. Now the two of them were alone together. He regarded her and felt a familiar loathing rise up within him. She was bathed in sweat and her breathing was hectic. He pondered for a moment, summoned all his strength of will and shouted right into her face "You betrayed me!"Her hair fluttered slightly with the clangor of his words. She turned as white as plaster and sank to her knees. The elevator door opened and she fled. He was able to grab onto her hair and she pulled him outside into the open.

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  • "Flight attempt of the dead" is a tragic ghost story about the death of a character and his last chance…

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