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Terms of Use

1. About the Service

Hosted at, we offer a website specialized in collaborative writing and the development of ideas with the name Splitstory. The website consists of user-generated content licensed under the Creative Commons BY-ND License (Attribution - No Derivative Works).
Splitstory enables users to comment on content, exchange ideas and send direct messages.

2. Formation of Contract

All users commit to comply with the terms of use through participation in the offer, content and services of Splitstory or by registering on Splitstory.

3. Creative Commons

The type of licensing on Splitstory is explained below with specification of the peculiarities concerning attribution.

Creative Commons BY-ND License

3.1. License

All users agree to license and publish their works under the Creative Commons BY-ND License (Attribution - No Derivative Works).

3.2. Attribution

In regards to the attribution of the author and rights holder of content on Splitstory, all usernames of the authors who wrote any parts must be specified. In addition, the Splitstory website must be referenced and a link to the respective content on Splitstory included.

4. Rights of Usage

Every user grants Splitstory a physically and intellectually unrestricted, non-exclusive and non-commercial right of usage for their contributions. This includes copying, distribution, exhibition and public performance, including the right of making the work publically available. We also reserve the right to promote Splitstory with the help of the published content.

5. Changes to the Service

We reserve the right to suspend services, change them or integrate new services, elements and content. This can include advertizing information.

6. Right to Participate

There is no right to participate in Splitstory.

7. Free Registration

All users who want to submit their own content must register at Splitstory. Registration is free-of-charge for users.
Registration at Splitstory can be performed at The following information is required: Username, Email, First Name, Last Name and Password.
The Username may not infringe rights of third parties, trademarks and trade names or applicable laws.
Each user must keep his password secret.

8. Availability and Usage of Service

Everybody may use the service of Splitstory in compliance with the Terms of Use. We do not guarantee the unlimited availability of Splitstory. Website failure and data loss do not result in any rights for reimbursement. Each user is responsible for making backups of their content. There is no claim for data release.

9. User Requirements and Conditions of Use

The following terms contain important contractual obligations of the user. We reserve the right to block or entirely remove any content from the system and the responsible users without giving reason.

9.1. Prohibited Content

The following content is prohibited:

  • Content, actions and links to websites that are illegal, pornographic, insulting or that are harmful to minors, and all content in which natural or legal persons are diminished or harmed in their honor, prestige or business reputation.
  • Violation of trademarks or copyrights of third parties.
  • Discrimination of other people as well as violation of common manners.

9.2. Prohibited Usage

The following usage is prohibited:

  • Automatic reading of data and the creation of independent search engines, services or directories based on the Splitstory content.
  • Bulk creation of content.
  • Actions that disturb the operation of Splitstory.
  • Exploiting bugs.

9.3. External Links

Despite careful examination and control of content we assume no liability for the content of external links. For the contents of the linked pages, their operators are solely responsible.

9.4. Liability of Provider

Any liability for damages incurred directly or indirectly from use of this website is excluded, unless caused by intent or gross negligence.

9.5. Liability of User

The user is responsible for all activities that occur within their user account.

9.6. Advertizing

Any form of advertizing by users is not allowed on the Splitstory platform.

10. Termination of Use

The profile of a user can only be blocked, not deleted. All content created by a user remains after termination of use and is not removed.

11. Data Protection

For the protection of data and user privacy, the guidelines in the Privacy Policy apply.

12. General Terms of Use

The Terms of Use are effective from April 6th, 2010.

We reserve the right to change the Terms of Use at any time. Users will be informed about the new Terms of Use at an appropriate point in time.

If any provision of these Terms of Use are or become ineffective, or contain an omission, then the legal validity of the other terms will not be affected.