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Protecting the privacy of the users of Splitstory is an important issue to us. In the following statement, Splitstory provides information of the consent you have given us in the collection, use and processing of data:

1. Collection of Personal Data

We may collect and store your personal data (e.g. the First and Last Name, Username, Password, Email address and IP Address).

2. Storing of Personal Data

Your saved data is only used within your contractual relationship with Splitstory.

3. Publishing of Personal Data

From the registration data, we may only publish the username without requiring any further permission.

4. Submit to Third Parties

We may submit your data to third parties if this is allowed and necessary in response to regulatory permits or violation of trademark and copyright law.

5. Use of Content

Splitstory and all users may use your content in accordance with the Terms of Use.

6. Contact

We may use your personal data for contacting and providing information about Splitstory.

7. Log Files

Splitstory stores information about your activities in a log file and uses it for internal analysis only. Examples include information about your browser, operating system, IP address and access timestamp.

8. Cookies

Splitstory uses cookies for the log in and configuration purposes.

11. Warranty Exclusion

We make no warranty for the loss and disclosure of data by activities that violate the Terms of Use, or by hardware failures.

12. Revocation

You may withdraw your consent anytime by sending an email to . The Terms of Use apply.

13. Changes to Privacy Statement

The privacy statement is effective from April 6th, 2010.

We reserve the right to change the privacy statement at any time. Users will be informed of a new privacy statement at an appropriate point in time.