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Splitstory offers you many opportunities to develop and share ideas and for creative writing.

Splitstory - follow your thoughts!

Creative Writing

Follow your thoughts, develop ideas and texts. Discover the process of creative writing!

Collaborative Writing

On Splitstory you can evolve ideas and write texts together with other authors.

Twists and Alternatives

At each point in the storyline you can start and develop new twists and alternatives.


Continue writing on ideas of other authors, comment and rate their contents or just contact them.

Create Ideas

You have many ideas? Then simply create a new idea on Splitstory. Here you can describe, edit and publish it.

Extend Ideas

To describe ideas more precisely you can add further elements such as locations, characters and possible endings.

Write Texts

Writing texts on Splitstory is very simple. The idea and previous texts are available during the writing.

Add Images

Add images to illustrate texts or directly create a story in pictures like e.g. comics, cartoons or graphic novels.

End Splitstories

You can end each text of a storyline to a Splitstory. So you bring a text string or a twist to your own end.

Classify Splitstories

Ended Splitstories can be classified by selecting properties.


Authors can join into groups and work together on ideas and texts.


Our forum offers all authors the opportunity to exchange ideas in different categories.

Mobile Version

Ideas and Splitstories can be read easily from anywhere with our mobile version.

General Activity

Always stay up to date and have an eye on all changes and developments.

Author Profiles

In your author profile on Splitstory all your contents are summarized.

My Homepage

On your personal homepage all notifications and news are listed for you.


You can send messages to other authors through Splitstory and manage the inbox and outbox.


You can quickly and easily store thoughts and notes in your profile.

Personal Status

Through your personal status you can tell other authors what's on your mind.

Ranks for Authors

Ranks provide a quick overview to assess authors more easily.


Ideas, texts and Splitstories can be voted by authors.


You can bookmark ideas, texts and Splitstories to store them and follow their activity.

Reading Mode

With the reading mode you can fully concentrate on the text.

PDF Download

All content can be viewed and downloaded in the PDF format.

Optimized for the iPad and Tablets

Splitstory is optimized for the display and use on the iPad and other tablets.


With the stack-navigation you can easily navigate in ideas.

Creative Commons

All content published on Splitstory is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-ND license.

Multiple Languages

Splitstory is available in German and English. Contents can be written in any language.

Sign up for free

Sign up and the use of Splitstory is free.

Specials and Contests

We offer our authors always interesting specials and contests.

Social Media

We are active on Twitter, have a Facebook page and offer RSS feeds.