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Press Release April 6th, 2010

Splitstory – An online platform for collaborative writing creates new impulses and possibilities for developing own ideas and stories.

Munich, April 6th, 2010

Projekthelden, the company for innovative communication and design in Munich, launches a new free web service: at interested users are offered a novel online platform for collaborative writing which facilitates exchange and development of ideas and stories. Splitstory is a modern tool and a source of inspiration for people who enjoy writing and reading. Thoughts and ideas can be published, shared with other writers and developed further in a community.

The conception for the application originates from current changes in the writing and reading behavior of the people. Through development of digital communication, the Internet and social networks, new relationships have emerged between the users and the written content. By email, SMS, microblogging, feeds etc. texts are consumed faster and not exclusively linearly, come from different sources, from various authors and systems. Users change the information orientation in regards to content spontaneously and continuously. The company from Munich employs this dynamic handling of texts in order to create a new literary form with the help of people with writing ambitions: the Splitstory.

The basis for a Splitstory is a simple idea which consists of a description, an array of the participating characters and locations as well as a possible ending. Elements of this idea serve as a starting point and source for inspiration, and can be extended by other users. An author can add texts to an idea, thus continuing the story. Each user has the possibility to join in at any point and give new twists to a story. In this way, a story splits into various directions. A multitude of variations is developed. If a storyline is completed, the author can finish it and publish a Splitstory.

With the Splitstory application Projekthelden wants to establish and encourage a modern and simple approach to text and creative writing. "People with writing talent are enabled to use and to refine their capabilities – and writers can test the impact of an idea and integrate the readers’ reaction into their work." A story created in collaboration lets the reader dive in into various worlds of ideas and lets him deal with the subjects vividly.

About Projekthelden

Projekthelden is a company for conception, design and development of innovative and integrated communication solutions, which are focused on online media, in Munich. The creative team of experienced specialists defines, organizes, accompanies and realizes project requirements as consultants and planners. With own development projects, Projekthelden keeps up with the times in the conceptual, visual and technological aspects. For more information, visit


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